Ever wonder why philosophers started pondering about a world that was flat? I speculate that they needed to start somewhere. In the end, we are all engineers, or all wish we could be engineers. They messed up, but they tried. I am evermore appreciative of the thinkers who continue to believe that the world is round.

I think philosophers started with a flat world because it is possible to build upon a flat world. Mathematicians still can’t figure out how to properly flatten a sphere. Go figure. There are too many theories in place. Until NASA figures out how to properly map the moon, the world may never know.

I wish my future friends at NASA would consider curing cancer in zero gravity. I had this epiphany while sitting in a presentation during Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama when I was thirteen years old. Rather than colonize the moon, or some other sphere greater than us, let’s try to cure disease. That does not mean that some malicious hacker can swoop in while disguised and turn the cure on its head and create a weapon first. I pray that the right laws are in place and that NASA has expert backing from earthly organizations to make something wholesome happen in the future explorations of our  universe.

Anyways, I was writing about circles. They are cool and all, but they are too perfect for their own good. I really believe that the philosophers back in the day were scared of Earth resembling anything beyond a rectangle, because they just wanted to understand it better. After all, don’t we all just want to be understood a little better? My favorite shape is yet to be determined. NASA, good luck out there. I hope to join you some day.

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