On Friendship

I’ve been reading Cicero’s How to be a Friend. It’s good. Thank you Dr. Madsen for the recommendation. I finally bought it. Some schools prefer to use doctor in the title for professors who deserve it.

This post is not really about Cicero. It’s about cheating. I’m not talking about tests; life is too precious to let go of integrity. I don’t care where the word was first written. I don’t care how many academic documents at UC San Diego reference Academic Integrity. I am talking about my core belief of doing what is right because I’m an engineer.

What I do care about is that I am a sixth year transfer student at UC San Diego and that I am finally finishing my classes this year. I need all the emotional support I can get. I finally realized that the academic abilities have been in me all the time. Do not coddle my growth and do not call me disabled. I have been better than most students my whole life. That comes with or without a diagnosis. I am still the same person inside. A tragedy does not change your internals.

I am tired of people stealing my ideas. I know some of you who have done it. Shame on me for not believing it when it happens. I guess self doubt really is a crux. Yeah, I’m fighting. I just needed one suggestion to do so. Thanks for the twelve years of therapy. I just needed that one suggestion.

The savage in me is fighting harder. It’s an ethical battle that I already won. Check my references.

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