In my life hack, the road I pave gets destroyed when the fun gets sucked out. There is no more head banging. After a very recent breakup, I have reached a point in which I need to bulldoze my way through the next phase of my life. Sorry, trees. I’ll plant more later. Some destruction needs to take place, although it will be methodical. Like any well-trained engineer, I document first.

My mentor told me that I need to make up for selling my tickets to BottleRock two years ago. He’s right. Two years ago, Muse headlined, and I missed it on purpose! I can’t believe my ex scolded me about wanting to go to a raging, sophisticated-looking festival. What was I thinking? I listened to him and didn’t go. I didn’t even pass the midterm I had the next week. Talk about stifling creative success.

My problem is I don’t believe in myself. I know, I know, I’ve said that before. My other mentor said it first, so I have to give him credit for that. I am lacking the fun I need to be creative. I need to trust my needs for myself. I said that before too, but in different words. Search through my blog if you want to find it. I don’t have time for proper references today. Yet another mentor has been empowering me differently. She gave me a BlackHat sticker. You’ll have to search about that conference if you’re interested in learning more. I’m going to that next year, folks. Let’s go together and hack more things.

This year, along with my other goals, I’m going to two festivals; I promise. I’ve already been to at least half a dozen concerts this summer. Good; I’m on my way; I’m counting too. My stifled creativity will be stifled no more. If you think I am getting off my soap box, you should go home now. I have plenty more blog posts coming your way. Get on your computer and start reading. I write good words.

Did you notice that none of my rants are explicit or sexual in nature? That’s right. I rant with good, clean fun. No harassment here. Please enjoy my soap. It smells good too.

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