I wish for healing. When suffering persists, growth stagnates. As I look to the future, with graduation at the cusp of my horizon, I want to overcome my mental health disorder so I can attain my future in healthy spirits. I do not fear next steps after graduation. Instead, I hope to heal.

My mental health disorder has stunted my progress through school. I have had to fight to extend my financial aid for the opportunity to complete my final classes. Because I fight for the good of my future, my success trickles; movement means progress. I’ll take it. I know from deep within me, I can do this. My belief strengthens as I find progress. There is good to come.

I fear being misunderstood because my slower growth often misreads for lackluster aptitude. I promise. Deep within me, I am intelligent. I know I understand content in my classes. My fears mask aptitude. Pulling my thirst for improvement out of me and into the world, my thirst catches on. We can heal together.

I wish the world heals. We can improve our suffering as we realize our worth. We heal.

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