Have you ever taken the time to search for meaning in a teapot? Maybe I’m exaggerating at tad; okay, I’m overly exaggerating my current thoughts as I glance at the teapot sitting on the table in front of me as I work on my personal projects. Delving into the depths of discovery and creativity requires breaks sometimes, after all. My focus switches to a sharp expiration if I don’t take a moment to enjoy an element of cute pottery. We all have our sources of motivation.

Attending a university for computer science broadens the invigoration I felt when I discovered computer science for the first time in an introductory community college class. Realizing the potential for creativity within technology helped me find the means for my passion for problem solving. Although I can enhance my knowledge while taking classes, my personal projects keep me motivated most.

Currently, I am working on Mental Hues, using it as an example to pick up some knowledge about JavaScript. As my Core Contributors and I begin developing our app, my tool belt is gaining some new shiny tools. I think the tools might even be shinier than the teapot, figuratively speaking, of course. The teapot’s pottery doesn’t have a gloss finish, but boy does it help me hone in my creative technical thoughts.

Wow, hitting the refresh button on my thinking by appreciating the ordinary sure sweetens my thinking. Today, a teapot. Maybe tomorrow, appreciation of a different hue. Get it, hue? Just a subtle product placement in my post, nothing more, nothing less. If you want more information about my project, check out Passion Project Update, a previous post. For current developments, check out the new organization I just created. Cheers to good tea and a good teapot.

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