My Blog, Part 2

I continue my commentary about making my blog in this blog post. The first post I made, My Blog, Part 1, sets the stage.

Maybe the ‘web angels’ answered my prayers, who knows. Recently, when I visited the site that hosts my domain names, I found a really easy tool that allowed me to forward my domain name to WordPress. After some time for setup behind the scenes, WordPress has informed me that my domain name,, is usable for my site. Yay! I should be able to forward my domain name, which WordPress gave me as part of a promotion, to Somehow, the “.com address” makes me feel more legitimate. I believe, in many ways, it does make my site more accessible on different web searching platforms.

The above jargon means that, hopefully, if you type or into your web browser window at the top of your Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc. page, you will reach my blog. Please comment or contact me if you don’t! I am working painstakingly hard to make this happen and it has been a time consuming journey that I want to end soon.

It has been a relief to move forward with DNS learning pains. It is not easy to delve into this nitty gritty stuff, but it is worth it. Honestly, the research I am doing, which you can read about here, has been helping too. While I learn about cyber security, I have to learn about tools involved. In a world in which so much is accessed via The Cloud, I have no choice but to look at web tools and everything involved. I can’t help by providing a link to a blog post from a former employer, who first taught me about working in a web based environment. The blog I cite gives a marketing angle to working in a web based environment, which gives some extra information, but it gets the point across, and I like the idea of citing my past supervisor.

I am one step closer to having a more customized website. Do I break into the hardcore JavaScript programming and work from the bottom up, do I research tools that will help me take a smaller, more incremental step towards making a website that is entirely my own design,  or do I forget about making a website entirely of my own creation and make my work an open source project available to people who already know how to do this stuff? Only the next post, My Blog, Part 3, will tell.

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