Honest, I have test anxiety, not incompetency

As I sit here, trying to make myself focus before my last final of the quarter, I keep finding ways to distract myself from the stress of the reality of my upcoming test.  It’s a real fact.  I procrastinate because I am scared of taking tests.  I am smart.  I do know stuff.  I just don’t study well because I fear failing tests.  I fear my failure so much that I self-fulfill the failure by not facing the reality of needing to study.  It’s a horrible cycle.  I am constantly battling to face each test.  It’s hard.

This post is currently distracting me from my work.  Oh the irony of the cyclical pattern I create.  It’s procrastination inception!  And now, I am digging myself out of the pattern.  I am brain dumping my anxiety and getting back to work.  This post is for those who can relate to my struggle.  Learning is fun.  Test taking is scary.  Let’s face our fears!  I’m getting back to work.

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