My Blog, Part 1

I am writing my blog in order to share my thoughts and use it as a portfolio for my projects. It itself is a project too. I am learning about websites while I make it, write to it, and customize it over time.

So far I have opened myself up to some of the tools available to frontend developers. I have made a lot of mistakes, like paying more money than necessary for hosting, domain names, and other necessary tools. I’ve also found better tools as a result.

I started with tools that would be friendly to my beginning level experience so that I can get my words on the page. I didn’t want any more reasons to delay my website project anymore, so I got a WordPress site, which had been very easy to use and fun. But the customization options are weak unless I upgrade. Not the best option for a student on a budget.

Also, I bought a domain name on godaddy. Trying to connect it to WordPress has been a challenge. It’s better to do hosting and domain needs with the same company when starting, at least. For some reason I can’t get the DNS to connect, and contacting customer service is a pain.

I started with some failures. I think I’m better off for it. Maybe there will be more upfront costs, but I’m already feeling rewarded.

This post is the start to my website’s documentation. There will be a series of posts to follow as I learn more and make discoveries. Hopefully my findings will be helpful for others too.

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